Rules and Regulations

Things you should know about the Discovery East Coast Radio Big Walk
  1. Competitors must wear their official race number on the chest and the temp or permanent licence on the back.
  2. No one is allowed to walk using another person's race number.
  3. Race walking judges will officiate on route and the ruling of the chief judge will be final in all matters relevant to the various walks.
  4. The ruling of the timekeeper-in-chief will be final in respect of all times.
  5. Pacing and shielding are forbidden. Seconding from an accompanying moving vehicle will lead to disqualification
  6. Competitors will be disqualified for walking unfairly or for contravening race walking rules. Running will lead to disqualification.
    Disqualification will be advised either by an official judge on the course or after the finish.
  7. Competitors who enter for one distance but walk a different distance will not qualify for prizes.
  8. Organisers may call for any competitor to presesnt his/her birth certificate as proof of age. False information will lead to disqualification and thus will not qualify for any prizes or awards.
  9. The organisers reserve the right to cancel the Discovery East Coast Radio Big Walk at any stage, even after it has commenced, should they, in their sole discretion, decide that it's not in the interest of the walkers or the Discovery East Coast Radio Big Walk itself to hold the Discovery East Coast Radio Big Walk on account of extremely adverse weather conditions; civil commotion; political unrest; riots; blockades; threats of violence or intimidation; any circumstances where the safety of the walkers is in question or any other good cause. In the event of the Discovery East Coast Radio Big Walk being cancelled persuant to the aforegoing, particicipants will not be refunded their entry fees. The organisers may in their sole discretion make an ex gratia refund, in whole or in part to the extent that circumstances permit.
  10. Participants take part entirely at their own risk and agree that they shall have no claim whatsoever against the organising body, any individual or official, marshal, assistant, helper or agent, the sponsor or any local authority or their employees, in respect of any loss or damage to their property as a result of, or arising out of, whether directly or indirectly, the participant's arrival and departure from, attendace at registration, prize-giving or other function thereof or any loss or damage to equipment, however, such injury, loss or damage arise, regardless of whether or not same shall have been caused directly by the negligence, albeit gross, of one or more or all of the aforementioned parties.
  11. Persons signing entry as guardian of a minor hereby consent to such minor being bound but the aforegoing and father indemnify the organisers and aforementioned parties to the extent, if any, to which such minor is not capable of waiving his/her rights as stipulated above.